Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Distant healing is, as you might expect, the process of sending healing to someone who is at a distance from oneself. It is fundamentally simple and is based on the elementary proposition that healing energy, whatever it is composed of, does not rely on direct contact to be effective.
To begin a session of distant healing, sit down, make yourself comfortable and relax. You might like to start by saying a little prayer for healing to go to the person you want to help. Say, Thank you God for helping this person. Then visualise that person. If they have a particular physical problem or disability, visualise them doing whatever it is they normally cannot do. If they cannot walk, visualise them walking, and so on.
Visualise them looking healthy and happy, and put golden light around them if you can.
Keep this up for ten minutes or even twenty minutes if you can. How long you can do it for depends largely on whether you are the visual type or not. If you are, you will probably be able to do a fair amount of visualisation without fatigue or stress. If you are not, you will probably find that ten minutes is enough for you. Ten minutes, in any case, is adequate for a healing session like this.
When you are finished, say again, Thank you God for healing this person. You should find yourself feeling good after a session of distant healing. If you feel drained, you are trying too hard. In spiritual healing, you should always feel good after a session.

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